Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Break up

A lot happened over the following months. We got engaged, again! We started to make plans for a summer wedding. The group we were meeting with decided to form as a church. What had previously been called the Dundalk Christian Fellowship became, in February 1988, the Dundalk Baptist Church, and we were among the eight founding members.

Things between us began to sour all over again. I know now that I was largely to blame. I didn’t see it then but I was living hypocritically. Although I was now saved I was still living in a relationship that was ungodly. We struggled with it, over and over again. Instead of getting help from my new family of fellow Christians I tried what I had always done in the past. To fix it myself. That was a foolish mistake. Understandably, my girlfriend pulled away from the Church and we came to a crossroads. I wanted to go on in the Christian life but she had other plans. There came a day when I made a decision. One Sunday after service I called to see her and ended our relationship. It was very difficult. I had made my mind up and I wasn’t turning back. We talked only a few more times after that and very soon there was no contact at all.

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