Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Growing, bit by bit

Some things did change in my life though. I found a new desire to be with other Christians and an appetite for the Bible. I attended as many meetings and studies as I could, eager and hungry to know more. But in another area I was far from eager. Because of my sceptical nature I found myself double-checking almost everything that was preached or taught at these meetings. It wasn’t anything personal against Stephen or the other teachers but I tended to treat them with a hint of suspicion. It was three years after God saved me that I finally confessed to Stephen that I had been thinking this way and told him how the Lord had given me a new attitude. What a difference that made!

Another thing that was brought to my attention was my attitude towards two men that I knew. For many years I had hated them. Each had hurt someone I knew and I felt justified feeling this hatred towards them. Then we did a study from the Bible on forgiveness and the words of the Lord Jesus saying that hatred is equal to murder really convicted me of my sinful attitude. I realised that I had no right to think or feel this way anymore. However, it took two months of prayer and pleading with God before I was able to have a complete change of heart. I began to pray that God would save them, too, and the hatred disappeared very quickly.

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