Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Making sense

Bible studies in this house were held every Friday evening, Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. We never missed one. Week after week we visited and listened and asked some questions. Each time I went there I expected to hear something about this group being the ‘Right One’ or something like that. Or I expected to hear someone say that we had to join them to be sure of Heaven. I even thought that they might just be in it for the money.

What actually happened was better. In spite of my scepticism and suspicions they never did do any of the things I feared. Almost all they ever spoke about was the Bible and who Jesus is. They often encouraged questions and recommended that we check everything that was said for ourselves. We were never to simply take their word for it! Well, I did, check things, that is. I took careful note of all they said and I watched how they behaved, too.

Questions were always answered from the Bible. Nothing was dismissed or ignored. These people were patient and friendly. But, I had met patient and friendly before. What I found here that was different was a certainty that the Bible was the Word of God. These men and women seemed to understand not just the obvious stuff in the Bible but the more important stuff, the ‘whys’. As the weeks went by I was getting a clearer and fuller picture of who Jesus is and why He lived and died. I had heard much of this before, as I said, but now things were starting to make more sense.

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