Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Needle in a haystack?

So, I had left one false church but I didn’t want to jump straight into another one. The group I had been spending time with, the Baha’i religion, soon proved to be just another new sect, based on the ideas of one man from the Middle East in the 1800’s and with little real knowledge of the Bible at all. The people who held these meetings were all very sincere and very friendly but that was no test of whether they had the truth or not. Very soon I found myself drifting away from them altogether. Next I checked out the Mormon church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as they are called). At first they seemed to have something of a handle on the things of God, but of course they too decided to add to the Bible many of their own ideas. It took only a few months of attending their meetings to see yet another new cult based on the teachings of ordinary men. One thing I had decided was that I wouldn’t be joining any group or church until I was sure.

Looking back over these years I understand that I didn’t have great insight or knowledge that guided me safely away from these groups but I believe that God had protected me from myself. All I could trust in was the fact that I was sure the Bible was the absolute Word of God. To be honest, there were even times I wavered from that conviction and more than once I questioned the whole idea of God, Jesus, etc.

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