Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Learning how to serve!

I poured myself into those things I had neglected over the previous ten years or more since I was saved. Now I could really spend more time studying the Bible and being involved in the life of the Church. I had always been quite active in the Church and I had built my whole life around it but there was a new impetus. I found great strength to pray and study. I began to memorise verses from many books of the Bible. Those who know me well know how terrible my memory is, so I know the Lord has helped me with quite a lot with this.

I had been asked to preach or lead a Bible study on a few occasions over the years but now I found a greater desire to be involved in this part of Church work. God doesn’t start something He doesn’t plan to put into use! Over the last couple of years there have been far more times when I’ve been asked to preach or do Bible studies. I’m finally at the stage where I’m able to give back something to the Church instead of just taking from it. That is a great blessing.

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