Tuesday, 29 May 2007


That problem I came into the Christian life with came to a head. The relationship I had been in during these years came to an end soon afterwards, inevitably! That wasn’t the end of my difficulties in this area of life. After two more disastrous (but, thankfully, short-lived) relationships I finally cried out to the Lord for the help I needed. And I got help from other mature Christians, including my pastor, Stephen and from Frank, the other church elder. You know, things began to change dramatically and quickly.

I made a vow to God that I wouldn’t even consider courting any woman until I knew He had given me the all clear. To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure just how this would work itself out. I was determined, with God’s help, to never get into the same kind of situations I had through all my adult life. I was almost forty years old now and I came to accept that maybe I was to remain single and serve God as a bachelor. It took a few months for me to become comfortable with the idea but the Lord helped me to embrace this new outlook.

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